Feb 24
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With the promise of promoting fresh and innovative export ideas, Season 2 of Rise High Bangladesh contest held its campus activation programme on September 25 in Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET).

The students of KUET looked on curiously at the events going on in their campus when volunteers explained to them that they were there for the export idea contest 'Rise High Bangladesh, initiated by The Daily Star and Crown Cement. They eagerly participated in the competitions that aimed to motivate youth to generate export ideas.

The event in the KUET campus started from 10:00am in front the new TSC auditorium and went on till 5:00pm. The programme area was nicely decorated with banners and posters containing information of the contest. There was a huge gathering of students from different departments. The Rise High Volunteers explained to the students the objectives, incentives and rules of participation in the contest.

The most participated part of the program was the puzzle-solving game where participants were required to pick a clue card, containing export information of an unnamed country. All they had to do was to recognize the country from the map.

After winning the game, Nafisa, a student of Electrical & Computer Engineering Department (ECE) said, "This is really a great initiative. This type of competition definitely motivates students to think out of the box. I have already thought of some ideas for the export idea contest."

Vice-Chancellor of KUET, Professor Dr Muhammed Alamgir highly appreciated the organizers for continuing the idea contest. He said, “In today’s world, idea is everything. It is the duty of a modern educational institution to generate ideas and nurture them. Such kind of competition creates platform for the young people to share their ideas with a broader audience.”

(Souurce - The Daily Star)