Nov 22
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Streamlining citizen services delivery using blockchain PDF Print E-mail

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion around the advantages of blockchain. Along with the financial services industry, other industries are also expected to benefit from its adoption.

But what exactly is blockchain? By definition, it is a single, shared, immutable write-only ledger of transactions that is updated when multiple, decentralised actors achieve consensus on the validity of a participant's new entries. Blockchain is not regulated by a central authority, making it the single, self-sustaining source of truth and thus removing the possibilities of bottlenecks in overall process flows. This can bring significant transformation opportunities for citizen services delivery in Bangladesh.

India fast catching up with Bangladesh PDF Print E-mail

The Indian government's massive stimulus package of Rs 60 billion, or $894 million, for boosting its garment sector is bearing fruit as the neighbouring country is progressively eating into Bangladesh's share in global apparel trade.

For instance, India last year was the third biggest exporter of garment items to the US, which happens to be Bangladesh's single largest export destination.

In the first eight months of this year, India climbed up to the second spot, while Bangladesh slipped from the fourth position to the sixth, according to the US Department of Commerce.

Muhith urges UN for Rohingya safe zone PDF Print E-mail

Finance Minister AMA Muhith has met United Nations’ Secretary General Antonio Guteress and pressed for a safe zone for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

A serial defaulter in BB PDF Print E-mail

At a time when the Bangladesh Bank is struggling to tackle the rising bad loans in the banking sector, it found out that one of its senior officials is a loan defaulter of 11 banks.

Provash Chandra Mallick, a general manger of the central bank, has defaulted on loans from 11 banks in a stunning case of misuse of position of power over a three-year period.

Exports slump in Sep PDF Print E-mail

Export receipts came crashing down in the month of September on the back of lower shipments of garment products, after registering a record high in the previous month.

Last month, exports raked in $2.03 billion, down 10.18 percent from a year earlier and 44.23 percent from August that saw the highest receipts in a single month in Bangladesh's history.


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