Nov 22
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Cattle not subjected to quarantine pose health risks: experts PDF Print E-mail

Cattle are being brought in over the borders without being put in quarantine, posing a health risk to humans and livestock for diseases that might arrive and spread undetected.

Such unchecked entry of cattle and animals has been on for years in the absence of adequate attention of the government, said stakeholders.

For example, it has been 12 years since the Animal and Animal Product Quarantine Act 2005 was passed but a corresponding rule on its application is not yet available.

BoP hits deficit for first time in 16yrs PDF Print E-mail

Bangladesh's balance of payments entered the negative territory for the first time in 16 years in July on the back of a wide mismatch in trade.

The overall balance was $179 million in the deficit in the first month of fiscal 2017-18 against $480 million in the surplus a year earlier.

While historical monthly data is not available, the last time the overall balance was in the negative was back in fiscal 2000-01, when it was $281 million in the deficit for the whole fiscal year.

Gas crisis to go in 2018 PDF Print E-mail

The government's long quest for overcoming gas crisis would finally be over next year when it hopes to bump up the supply by 37 percent, ridding on imports of liquefied natural gas, said the energy adviser yesterday.

“There will be no gas crisis from next year,” said Prime Minister's Energy Affairs Adviser Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury yesterday at the third quarterly meeting of the Metropolitan Chamber of Comm-erce and Industry, Dhaka.

Savings tools face reforms PDF Print E-mail

The government plans to introduce two different interest rates on savings tools in order to rein in its growing reliance on the high-cost borrowings.

The government is considering to lower the interest rate on savings certificates for institutional buyers and keep the rate for individual buyers unchanged, said an official in the finance ministry.

Tanners offering low prices for rawhide, making excuses PDF Print E-mail

Tanners are offering merchants low prices for rawhides under the excuse of having borne high investment for machinery at the newly constructed Savar leather estate, running operations there on a limited scale, of having unsold stocks and falling international prices of leather goods.

The business cycle mainly centres around the Eid-ul-Azha sacrifices when over 50 percent of the annual sourcing occurs, with rawhides changing hands from seasonal retailers to merchants to tannery owners.


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